2014 VF Commodore Evoke Specs, Price and Road Test

Holden’s Costs Division gets 10-out-of-10 for the all-new VF Commodore Stimulate. ‘Entry Level’ by name only, the Commodore Stimulate, at $34,990 ($5,000 less expensive than the confident Omega) is not only the best Australian-made car it’s also the best value.

2014 VF Commodore Evoke Specs, Price and Road Test
2014 VF Commodore Evoke Specs, Price and Road Test

Five-star ANCAP protection, automatic recreation area support, digital balance management, a treating digicam, vacation management, Holden’s MyLink Infotainment program and even movie trailer move management just get utilizing when it comes to conventional devices in the Merc Commodore Stimulate. The principal of many business fleets (and budget-conscious families), Merc has smartly involved in the Evoke’s conventional kit important products and up-to-date technological innovation.

All of that for a tag southern of $35K – brilliant!

In reality a Merc expert informed CarShowroom.com.au at the Commodore press release a few months ago that when GM’s United states Item Preparing primary frequented Sydney during VF style growth he sat in an Stimulate and said: “That’s outstanding for the elegant edition, now can I sit in the platform style.” Erm…that would be it you’re in buddy! 

Holden Commodore Stimulate Overview

So here’s the so-called entry-level VF Commodore: 185kW, 3.0-litre V6 and six-speed automatic under the hood. With regards to what you get, let’s consider what you skip out on: head-up show, ahead accident aware and street leaving caution (but sightless identify aware and reverse visitors aware are options), push-button begin, Bi-xenon front side lighting, set internal, elegant multi-function show, sat nav, elegant fatigue and some external ‘bling’ are about the sum of it.

Extensively-equipped for sure, the Merc Commodore Stimulate still provides on all of the VF Commodore strong points – excellent looks, conventional Commodore internal space/towing capacity/luggage potential and outstanding generating characteristics.

Holden Commodore Stimulate Engine

Under the hood is of course Holden’s reliable 3.0-litre HFV6 SIDI, a 60-degree V6 with immediate hypodermic injection and dual expense cameras. 

Maximum energy is 185kW at 6700rpm and optimum twisting of 290Nm is provided at 2600rpm.

Drive is to the back tires via a six-speed automated gearbox.

Let’s discuss decreased energy intake - a complex company and Merc remaining no rock unchecked during growth of the all-new VF Commodore such as important streamlined remodelling and some examining as far away as Italy. Among the firsts for Merc in that pursuit are VF Commodore’s aluminum begin and hood plus electrical energy guiding (the latter alone reducing 0.2l/100kms in energy intake over gas guiding systems).

In the situation of the Stimulate style as examined, energy intake has been reduced by 6.7 per-cent to 8.3l/100kms (combined cycle). 

Holden Commodore Stimulate The Interior

In a car with many ‘breakthroughs’, the enhancement in internal enhancement obtained with Holden’s VF Commodore is perhaps the one which has created the most effect with CarShowroom.com.au. Merc phone calls it ‘quiet area tuning’ – identifying residents from as much undesirable disturbance as possible.

2014 VF Commodore Evoke Specs, Price and Road Test
2014 VF Commodore Evoke Specs, Price and Road Test

The declare is acoustics to competing high-class vehicles and we have no question Merc has obtained its objectives, even with the Stimulate style examined here.

Just as important is the internal style – we think the VF Commodore provides the best-looking internal of any Australian-made car so far. The capturing dash board with awesome ‘compartmentalization’ of different features, the contemporary instrumentation and fashionable content choices all add-up to a very innovative style.

Even in the Stimulate as examined (the ‘base’ remember) you get Holden’s awesome new-design multi-function leader (adjustable for rake/reach), helpful chairs and automated air-conditioning.

Holden has appropriately trumpeted VF Commodore’s MyLink infotainment program. With a sleek, eight-inch color display installed centre-dashboard, MyLink delivers complete iPod incorporation, improved speech identification and involved applications for companies The planet pandora and Stitcher SmartRadio.

This is Commodore so it goes without saying the back chair is huge and while there’s no split-fold you do get a relatively huge center-opening for lengthy freight products.

Cargo quantity is of course huge at 496-litres and of course the so-called ‘entry’ stage Stimulate contains digital distant starting for the bootlid.

Holden Commodore Stimulate Exterior & Styling

Much has been published about the looks of the VF Commodore which as we know has a ceiling board and entrance outerskins carried-over from the past VE style. With an overall duration of 4947mm and a wheelbase of 2915mm it is indeed a huge car – as required by many navy clients and family members as well.
2014 VF Commodore Evoke Specs, Price and Road Test
2014 VF Commodore Evoke Specs, Price and Road Test

The all-new grill and aluminum hood have given the VF variety a filled with meaning look and for us the back is a stand apart with those fashionable lighting and kicked-up bootlid. Again very filled with meaning and ‘on-trend’ with international GM designs like Buick and Chevy.

Holden Commodore Stimulate On The Road

Holden is ‘Australia’s Car’ and the sunburnt nation was at its unforeseen best when we had the Stimulate – scary bushfires and agonizing warm in Modern australia while just 800kms southern in Victoria we shivered and the rainfall hosed down for the whole 7 days. So we can attest to the Evoke’s grip and roadholding.

Example A: a low-speed area near us is infamously slick when wet so we purposely nailed the Evoke’s accelerator mid-turn. No dramas, the ESC cut-in was sleek, energy was decreased and just a minor sign of reverse secure had us going directly.

2014 VF Commodore Evoke Specs, Price and Road Test
2014 VF Commodore Evoke Specs, Price and Road Test

Example B: Our high-speed hill streets analyze pattern (admittedly streets we know Merc technicians regularly use for powerful testing). In surging circumstances our Commodore Stimulate was sure-footed and foreseeable but still quite quick when forced from point-to-point.

The VF Commodore has appropriately been recognized for its poise in quick changes of route (it’s clearly more ‘pointy then VE). But is does so without the top side end severity of the VE – very amazing combination from Holden’s framework group.

And while the roar of the SIDI V6 was unique as it provided its more than adequate energy, the enhancement of Merc Commodore Stimulate was amazing at all rates of speed.

2014 VF Commodore Evoke Specs, Price and Road Test
2014 VF Commodore Evoke Specs, Price and Road Test

Around the Merc Commodore does at periods emphasize you it is a full-size automobile, but while not quite a Barina, Commodore’s amazing 11.4-metre switching group and conventional treating digicam were useful companions in our limited CBD car-park.

Holden Commodore Stimulate Issues

The Stimulate style VF Commodore we examined had – uncommonly for a press analyze automobile – protected some 15,000kms (and they’d be difficult 15,000kms at that). Some of the internal plastic content cut was already quite marked/scratched from home important factors, cell cellular phones, purses and the variety other products individuals seem to think important in vehicles.

Holden Commodore Stimulate Verdict

Holden has brought up the huge car bar in every way with the all-new VF Commodore and in the situation of the so-called entry-level Stimulate, the value-for-money bar has really sky-rocketed.

So if you agree to the VF is the best Australian-made car so far, given all the addendums to the Stimulate and its $34,990 tag what is the conclusion?

Well for navy clients and cost aware family members, the summary should be a journey to their closest Merc supplier. The Merc Commodore Stimulate is a champion however you look at it.

Holden Commodore Stimulate The Competition

Of course it’s the Honda Falcon and perhaps amazingly you’ll need a little additional cash for the entry-level XT style ($37,325 to be precise). Just as the VF is the best Commodore so far, the present style Falcon stands-out as the best yet. Bet you can discuss your closest Honda supplier into banging $2,335 from the cost of a Falcon XT which is in stock…and you’ll be generating a amazing full-size Australian six.

Toyota has been creating significant performs for improved navy company for the six-cylinder Aurion (made in Victoria at Toyota’s Altona plant). Entry-level 3.5-litre AT-X has a $36,490 cost creating it the most affordable of the regional sixes. Chevy great quality (honed by huge trade product sales for both Aurion and Camry, mostly to the Middle East), that outstanding V6 motor plus plenty of kit indicates the Chevy Aurion must be on your record.

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